Rudolph Francis Jr., born and raised in the borough of the Bronx, father of four and half of an amazing Commercial Real Estate duo. Don’t call him, Rudolph, he’s Rudy to everyone. The son of a retired detective and hospital employee, who themselves have been married 57 years, Rudy knows what perseverance and resilience is all about, having had such a great example. He brings a passion and determination like no other to his work. His patience is unmatched and his professionalism is boundless. 

A Howard University alum he has constantly served in management roles for several major corporations and finally got out of “corporate” life and started his career in sales. He has been a Licensed Real Estate Agent for six years. He finally convinced his wife, Jovana, to also take the leap with him. Rudy loves to find the perfect solution for you. He will definitely, “go-to-bat” for you, finding the best location for your business, negotiating lease terms. Understanding all the zoning, construction, finance and so many other issues that might come up, he’ll be there serving as your agent. Whether your need is to buy land for development or multi-family units as an investor, sell your commercial property, or rent a commercial space, Rudy’s focus and problem-solving skills are exactly what you need. With a larger than life heart, he cares about the borough and one of the many reasons he chooses to be in Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate in particular, is to be a part of positive change that is coming to the Bronx. He has served as a Community Board member and is an avid supporter and advocate of his local Tenant Board. 

Everyone that knows him, and everyone does know him, knows he is the “go-to” when they have exhausted all their possibilities, he’s the one that gets it done. Rudy wants to earn your trust and respect because in doing so you also build long-lasting relationships that are beneficial to everyone.